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Mag-Ajonay Kita 2019

Ajonay 2019

A Maasinhon culture and celebrated yearly, the Ajonay festival showcases the unity and camaraderie of the people of Maasin.

As defined Ajonay is word that resembles the way of life of MAASINHONS that embraces the CULTURE, TRADITON, and VALUES of COOPERATIVISM, VOLUNTARISM, UNDERSTANDING, ONENESS, and BAYANIHAN SPIRIT of the people in the community in various aspects of life. Ajonay is the official festival of Maasin City. It adopted its own basic steps, beat and music. The three basic steps are, PAG-AGNI, PAGHUGUPAY, and AJO-AJO.

I love seeing these kind of festivals being celebrated, they are not just fun and colorful but they bring us back to our roots.

Mutya ng Maasin 2019 Pageant

Mutya ng Maasin 2019

The city of Maasin recently held its beauty pageant called “Mutya ng Maasin 2019.” This was held last 8th of August 2019 at the Maasin City Gymnasium.

Below are the lists of candidates representing the different Barangays of the City.

  • Ms. Kathleen Gono – Barangay Laboon
  • Ms. Marichu Rom – Barangay Lonoy
  • Ms. Krisha Belle Zamora – Barangay Tagnipa
  • Ms. Elaineil Galanida – Barangay Guadalupe
  • Ms. Marielle Valencia – Barangay Combado
  • Ms. Honey Jane Grullo – Barangay Rizal
  • Ms. Sabrina Breana Finley – Barangay Asuncion
  • Ms. Ashley Mae Galo – Barangay Abgao
  • Ms. Frances Gladwin – Barangay Acasia
  • Ms. Charlize Jalleca Geraldo – Barangay Tunga-tunga
  • Ms. Trixie May Faller – Barangay Pasay
  • Ms. Gwyneth Lopez – Barangay San Agustin
  • Ms. April Mae Labastida – Barangay San Rafael
  • Ms. Keizyl Mae Necosia – Barangay Mantahan
  • Ms. Cestine Arvy Fenix – Barangay Isagani

The winners of Mutya ng Maasin 2019:

MUTYA NG MAASIN 2019 Elaineil B. Galanida (Brgy Guadalupe)

1st Runner Up – Cestine Aury Abiera Fenix (Brgy Isagani)
2nd Runner Up – Sabrina Breana Finley (Brgy Asuncion)
3rd Runner Up- Krisha Belle Zamora (Brgy Tagnipa)
4th Runner Up – Honey Jean Grullo (Rizal)

It was a successful event, a night filled with beauty and brains.

Welcome to Maasin City Online!

Maasin City - Maasin City Online

Let us start the New Year with a Portal that will help provide information and promote awareness to the Maasinhon’s and the rest of the world about our beloved city.

The city of Maasin has a lot to offer, aside from the tourist spots, we are proud to show, share and let you all you experience the beauty of the Maasinhon’s culture. It is one of most peaceful city in the Visayas.