Mag-Ajonay Kita 2019


A Maasinhon culture and celebrated yearly, the Ajonay festival showcases the unity and camaraderie of the people of Maasin.

As defined Ajonay is word that resembles the way of life of MAASINHONS that embraces the CULTURE, TRADITON, and VALUES of COOPERATIVISM, VOLUNTARISM, UNDERSTANDING, ONENESS, and BAYANIHAN SPIRIT of the people in the community in various aspects of life. Ajonay is the official festival of Maasin City. It adopted its own basic steps, beat and music. The three basic steps are, PAG-AGNI, PAGHUGUPAY, and AJO-AJO.

I love seeing these kind of festivals being celebrated, they are not just fun and colorful but they bring us back to our roots.


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